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Contributor nanotube on the Project Reviews category

Disable annonymous votes at Reviews  
Written by erdem_ua the 24 May 10 at 21:12. Global category: Project Reviews. Implemented
If you can write script, you can thumb ups for your project anonymously and thumb downs for competitor projects.
Also some old friend of you might jealous and could give multiple negative votes to your project.
So this votes does not indicate real opinions and they does not accurate!
Selected solution (#1): Disable Anonymous votes
Written by erdem_ua the 24 May 10 at 21:12.
I wanted to have disable anonymous votes from users and removal of current anonymous votes. Since SF has openID support, everyone could vote with their OpenID compatible logins...

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Thumbs down is not appropriate for free software  
Written by chrisguk the 14 Sep 09 at 13:55. Global category: Project Reviews. Implemented
Someone gave an anonymous "thumbs down" to one of my projects, without even bothering to say what it was they didn't like! I worked hard for many weeks on this project, and I offer it for free, with free support. I am really upset and discouraged by this thumbs down. I feel like I have been kicked in the teeth. Why do I bother to offer my software and my time for free? What kind of stupid crazy idiot am I for doing this? It really made me think. I should make better use of my time. I have already dropped my plans to publish one new project and upgrade another.

Compare this with giving bad feedback on eBay. First, eBay encourages users to have exhaustive dialog to resolve a dispute before leaving bad feedback as an absolute last resort. The system warns you that leaving bad feedback is extremely serious and should not be undertaken lightly. And of course, you cannot do so anonymously. And of course eBay is about products that are being bought and sold, so in some cases bad feedback can be justified.

Here on SourceForge, developers work hard and give their time and expertise for free. I don't think that "thumbs down" is even remotely appropriate in this environment. Thumbs up is fine, but thumbs down is wrong here and should be removed. If users don't like something in a project, they should engage in constructive dialog with the author, or better still, offer to help. Just giving a thumbs down is rude and ignorant and we should not encourage this kind of behaviour here.

Developer comments
Solution #16 was implemented, an opt-out is now available for project reviews (there's a "Disable Reviews" link in the review widget on the project summary page).

Chris Tsai, SourceForge.net Support
Selected solution (#16): Allow Opt-out (was solution #5)
Written by ctsai the 2 Mar 10 at 16:17.
Allow project administrators to disable the Project Reviews for their project. (see my comment below for an explanation of what happened to #5)

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