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  • Committed [8be7ba]

    Make {urlbase} work in templates when https is ...

  • Committed [be591b]

    Handle CGI SSL detection via HTTPS environment ...

  • Committed [8f430b]

    Make hg serve set the wsgi.url_scheme property ...

  • Committed [419a6f]

    Use wsgi.url_scheme instead of ad-hoc CGI checks.

  • Committed [4e0014]

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'sourceforge/padud...

  • Committed [88404e]

    Rename phdl_assert -> dynamic_assert to make mo...

  • Committed [b5d96b]

    Mention NFKC_Casefold in the enforcement of cas...

  • Committed [4480f2]

    Add split dynamic_assert version

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