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  • Committed [cc15be]

    Added TZUTC kludge to generated messages.

  • Committed [2d2cf8]

    jamfunc.c: Fixed date/time import in jambase fr...

  • Committed [cd5400]

    Fixed 2 bugs in the new jammaint function

  • Committed [305949]

    FMail only uses stdio functions for output to t...

  • Committed [0528fc]

    JAMMAINT.C compiles without warnings in Borland...

  • Committed [7294f6]

    Don't change read buffers, so they can be used ...

  • Committed [0994b8]

    Coded jammaint memory routines, still needs com...

  • Committed [92e3ba]

    Temp checkin, still coding.

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2004-05-17 17:53:37


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