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    The cifsumountd does not really the facility to read a config file. This can be achieved via the start script. So I would not do that. You are right in the sense that one should merge the configs. So oam-cifs must be able to read a config file. This can be made working, however the given options on the command line must take preference over the values read from the config file. Otherwise we may break existing installtions. sshd should work in with the pam-stack. But that does not include key-based...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on pam_cifs

    Well done! since cifsumountd is a daemon that has nothing to do with the pam-stack, you have to provide the options as you start cifsumountd. That is mostly in the init-script or facilities like that. The parameters are ducumented in the INSTALL file, as cifsumountd accepts most options like pam-cifs. But here is need for impreovement in the documentation. If you can do sth here, that would be very helpful!

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