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    fixed doxygen comment

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    fixed cppcehck warnings

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    updated release checklist

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    added a Windows App Packaging Project (works from Visual Studio 2017 version 15.4 on)

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    updated version numbers for winLAME beta 3

  • Committed [b1ea6a]

    updated solution file to latest version

  • Modified ticket #69 on winLAME

    Encoding Crash Dump

  • Posted a comment on ticket #69 on winLAME

    Hi Tim, thank you for your bug report and for the minidump file. This seems to be a bug in libsndfile that occurs when decoding FLAC files. I already downgraded libsndfile from version 1.0.28 to 1.0.27, where the bug is not appearing. Unfortunately libsndfile has no newer version where this bug is fixed. For beta 3, which is released in a few days, the error should be gone. You can take the libsndfile-1.dll from previous versions (e.g. from the zip package) and put it in the winLAME application folder...

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