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  • Committed [r5084]

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  • Committed [r5086]

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  • Committed [r5085]

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  • Committed [r5088]

    Joint / Standard stereo selection fix. Got rid of automatic joint stereo encoding when the bit rate is relatively low, now it's up to the user

  • Committed [r5115]

    Output timestamps fix. There was a serious bug when input audio samples had time gaps between each other - DirectShow timestamps for output samples were calculated wrong in this case

  • Committed [r5131]

    Another timestamp fix. Added additional resynchronization points (now there are 4 resynch points) in order to implement absolutely accurate in-out synchronization

  • Committed [r5326]

    Property page update - moved "set duration" check box to the advanced page, added "allow sample overlap" check box (uncheck it if downstream filter is Avi Mux, otherwise use it for better video/audio synchronization - especially when capturing). Copying terms update (README file)

  • Committed [r5341]

    typo fix

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