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    I fully agree - The current movement for 2.3 or what ever is the next release must be on the merge of RW into the main sources. Priority for sub variants such as ACCUCOBOL, changing internal names et al, is way down the important lists to the point of being totally cosmetics. The priorities must be set up NOW and work flow organised and published so we all know what is in the pipe line so that all contributors know what needs to be done with a time line for doing so, that allows one or more to work...

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    Going by major compiler suppliers such as IBM adhering to the standard is not cast in stone what so ever in the sense of new functionality. Of course the way all existing and implemented standards are used has to be the same. New additions can and are implemented all the time, just look at the current Cobol compiler/s from IBM, MF or even Fujitsu (OK may be not that one as development seems to have died some years ago) Therefore for GC we can create new functionality that does NOT effect any thing...

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    Why is it needed : You are moving a S99 field (a two digit field inc. sign) where 1 digit contains also the sign to a x(80) but as it is receiving only two chars that is what in the file. Now if you change loop-counter to include sign leading separate it would appear more obvious. Such as : -10 -09 -08 -07 -06 -05 -04 -03 -02 -01 +00 +01 +02 +03 +04 +05 +06 +07 +08 +09 +10 Vince. On 13/11/17 18:11, bvs23bkv33 wrote: please add explanation for the following behaviour source file IDENTIFICATION DIVISION....

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    Seem to remember having this document along with one from IBM (for the 1401 compiler) that ran to all of 50 pages as a Cobol manual. I used the IBM one to learn Cobol. My current and main goto which I must admit I do not often (goto that is) is over 1,000 pages. Amazing what a mere 55 years does :) Vince On 13/11/17 02:46, Bill Blasingim wrote: I'm a new to GnuCOBOL...but not to COBOL itself. Thanks for this link to this document from the very early days [in 1960] of computers...very cool!

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    Updated Changelog,8,D, PG for directive -P

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    What external limits are there ? Did not know there was any < 255 files open and changeable to 4095. Well under Linux anyway. [bugs:#458] SIGSEGV if copy file cannot be opened because of external limits Status: closed Group: GC 2.3 Labels: cobc Created: Fri Nov 03, 2017 03:46 PM UTC by Simon Sobisch Last Updated: Fri Nov 03, 2017 03:46 PM UTC Owner: Simon Sobisch As reported in [447ec6df],...

  • Committed [r2171]

    Updated Changelog

  • Committed [r2170]

    Forgot to add the file for Appendix E thanks Simon :)

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