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  • Created ticket #32 on GExperts

    Add improvements to the Object Inspector

  • Committed [r2151]

    * Fix for bug #62: Backup Project does not use the version information in Delphi XE2 and later

  • Created ticket #65 on GExperts

    Project Option Set can no longer set the version information

  • Modified ticket #62 on GExperts

    Backup Project File Name Version Numbers

  • Posted a comment on ticket #62 on GExperts

    The change was in XE2. Achim's fix works if the user has actually set the version information (that is things like company name etc.). If he has only enabled version info but not set any information, then the VerInfo_Keys value is empty even though it should at last contain the version number. I have also changed GxOtaGetVersionInfoKeysStrings to expect an initialized TStrings as parameter to prevent the memory leak Achim mentions. This means that the the Project options set expert no longer works...

  • Modified ticket #60 on GExperts

    Grep Search

  • Committed [r2150]

    fixed typo in comment

  • Modified ticket #64 on GExperts

    Code Librarian : Intermittent AVs, intermittent failure to save snippet

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2001-01-29 10:02:01
Germany / CET
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  • CheckDpr tool to check and modify the contents of a Delphi .dpr file Last Updated:
  • CustomContainerPack Custom Containers Pack (CCPack) for Delphi 6 and later Last Updated:
  • Delphi IDE explorer expert Expert for Embarcadero Delphi that gives access to internal components Last Updated:
  • Delphi Known IDE Packages Manager   Last Updated:
  • Delphi7Help4BDS integrates the Delph 7 help system into later Delphi IDEs Last Updated:


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