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  • Committed [r2549]

    Utilize movd mmx->gpr so return values don't go through memory

  • Committed [r2553]

    Convert predict_mmx from NASM to inline C assembly (from Gert Vervoort)

  • Committed [r2543]

    fix instruction operands for mmx/sse assembly

  • Committed [r2552]

    get rid of SSE quant_non_intra (which was broken, and abusing

  • Committed [r2558]

    fix -M 0 (don't initialize Despatcher if parallelism==0)

  • Committed [r2562]

    Add sse version of fdct based on daan (more accurate, but 50% slower)

  • Committed [r2570]

    fix bug in conversion to C

  • Committed [r2598]

    minor improvements -- use mov ins instead of shuf or extra adds whenever possible; some reordering to improve out of order execution

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