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  • Posted a comment on ticket #1373 on PMD

    This results in false positives on TestNG assertions. If TestNG is not supported,...

  • Created ticket #1436 on PMD

    UnnecessaryFullyQualifiedName false positive on clashing static imports

  • Created ticket #1420 on FindBugs

    False false positive reported by researchers?

  • Created ticket #1406 on PMD

    GuardLogStatement fires on classes that are not loggers

  • Created ticket #1380 on PMD

    InsufficientStringBufferDeclaration false positive when literal string passed to a lookup service

  • Created ticket #1373 on PMD

    JUnitAssertionsShouldIncludeMessage is no longer compatible with TestNG

  • Created ticket #1367 on PMD

    UseVarargs rule conflicts with Effective Java

  • Created ticket #1366 on PMD

    UselessParentheses false positive on multiple equality operators

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