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  • Committed [1d8b82]

    Output conformant HTML file

  • Committed [647a30]

    Import verbosity constants

  • Committed [9976fc]

    Added zh_YUE locale, which maps to zh_TW

  • Committed [9cd0a7]

    Allow "mathspeak" directory to be renamed

  • Posted a comment on discussion Bugs and Feedback on MathCast Equation Editor

    Hi Gaetan, All the language-specific resources are located in the chrome/locale/...

  • Committed [r202]

    Mark keys.dat and lowlist.dat as text files.

  • Committed [r201]

    Added coproduct symbol

  • Committed [768286]

    - Group children nodes inside <mfenced> using <...

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2005-03-24 09:21:06


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