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  • Posted a comment on ticket #642 on Enigmail

    I agree that mailman should be theoretically be fixed first, but sometimes it is very unlikely that you can hunt down each and every server admin who runs a mailing list out there and force him to install a new version of the software. So it would be very good to have a way in enigmail to either manually temporarily disable the protected headers in signed mails, or e.g. have a way of black-listing certain e-mail addresses for this feature (so you could specify the "bad" mailing lists in that black...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #642 on Enigmail

    I just had a look at some of my mails again that got corrupted by mailman, and it seems that mailman actually removes the "Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=..." line from within the protected header! So it's not as simple as encoding the Subject line in unicode :-(

  • Committed [9b1a9a]

    German translation: Shorter word for Standardve...

  • Committed [89c1c3]

    Update German translation, 2nd try

  • Committed [af7bac]

    Updated German translation (free RAM info)

  • Committed [e646e1]

    Remove the 'Icon-' prefix from the German trans...

  • Committed [56ee1e]

    Fix mapping of Shift+~ for german keyboard

  • Committed [e5ea0f]

    Updated German translation

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