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  • Committed [r4156]

    Fixed a bug in smtqe_fl2uc, which caused incorrect unsat core computations with rlsmtqe.

  • Committed [r4143]

    Bugfix in lto_setcover.

  • Committed [r4097]

    There were doubles quotes missing around a string.

  • Committed [r4096]

    Recomputed and hand-checked regression references on alfred.

  • Committed [r4095]

    Recomputed qepcad reference logs on alfred. Qepcad on the Mac is not stable

  • Committed [r4094]

    Print complete warnings about fail McCallum projections.

  • Committed [r4093]

    Bug fix in qepcad variable extraction and recompited regression

  • Committed [r4092]

    Adapted to new Qepcad interface.

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