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  • Committed [r2019]

    initial stub for FNCS

  • Committed [r2018]

    Change default Qmin and Qmax per IEEE P1547/D7, also check the PVsystem's kvarlimit

  • Committed [r2006]

    adding substation coordinates for GridAPPS-D

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help/Technical support on GridLAB-D

    Subhodeep - the PDF dates from 2011, before the unbalanced distribution profile was developed so it is likely out of date. The UML is definitive, and updated more often than the standards. You can find overlapping or conflicting descriptions in this area, which in part reflects different use cases. In distribution, we're generally interested in the connectivity model. Topology processing is more of a transmission use case, and the topology nodes are an abstraction to facilitate certain applications....

  • Posted a comment on discussion Open Discussion on OpenDSS

    OpenDSS exports Common Information Model (CIM) via its "export cdpsmcombined" command. This was used at a CIM interop test at EdF around 2012. It read CIM according to the same 2012 profile using a separate Java program,, in SourceForge under the Source/cdpsm_import directory. In the past year, DOE has funded an Advanced DMS development platform that includes expanded use of the CIM, and other standard formats. As part of this project,we've done round-trip testing of the CIM functionality...

  • Committed [r2002]

    fixed the CapControl monitor phase and winding selection for short circuit test losses

  • Committed [r2001]

    fixed the units of LL and NLL; ctRatio <=> ctRating

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help/Technical support on GridLAB-D

    I would add that the Terminal to ConductingEquipment assocation has cardinality of "1", meaning that common Terminals wouldn't fit into any valid profile.

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