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    Hi Kevin, Thank you for your kind words and sorry for the late reply. I have missed your query among my email. I do not know what causes this difference, but I have noticed that you probably need to use double backslashes: \ instead of \, like include "C:\users\me\component_file1.signalling"; include "C:\users\me\component_file2.signalling"; Apart from this double includes shall work. They do on my machines. If they still dont work, try the following. Copy the included files into the same directory...

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    I see. Note that the file name must fit between the right most ribbon category on the left side and the window buttons on the right side. This is why it gets truncated even though there is more space available above the ribbon categories (as the title bar will display certain info for ribbons sometimes). I have added the asterisk, but cannot really fix the truncation issue :-(

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    I will look into why the file is locked. However, it would require a lot of rework to detect changes to this file and re-load (re-populate the design combo boxes, etc. and re-compile) automatically. Right now I rely on the initially loaded design lib not to change on quite many places. As a workaround I suggest you use your designs via an include file first and when they have stabilized then move them to a design lib. Would this workflow be good enough? If so, I cancel this. If not, then I will put...

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    Refinement styles (for custom shape)

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    You can detach the internal editor from the main window by its title bar and dropping it outside the main window. I can also drag it to another monitor. Would this solve your problem? (I am sure that if the two displays have different DPI the secondary one will not adjust in size, but I hope it is still workable.)

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    Block comments

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    And I will add it to the doc.

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