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    The motherboard (this is an assembled computer) where it does not work is a Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5 (which is pretty recent). My previous computer did not have UEFI support. The system where it still works is an Asus N76 laptop (~5 years old). Oh right, I forgot to mention that - in order to work with legacy BIOSes - the USB stick uses a MBR partition table and not GPT. This also limits the possibilities I had, e.g. Windows installation/repair tools (at least Windows 7/8, latest Windows 10 seems...

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    I've an USB stick with multiple partitions (from various OSes installation/LiveCD isos). Windows partitions use ntfs, Linux ones use ext2, and rEFInd is set in a fat32 one to handle UEFI boot (syslinux is used for legacy BIOS boot). Starting with version 0.10.2, on one UEFI system rEFInd fails to load the configuration file and fallbacks to a text menu with minimum boot entries. The error is: Load Error while (re)opening our installation volume Media changed while scanning the efi\boot\drivers_x64...

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