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  • Committed [r797]

    reading text data in NCDF_VARGET/NCDF_VARGET1 (tracker bug no 2109502)

  • Committed [r803]

    fixing segfault when contouring NaNs, e.g.: contour, replicate(!VALUES.F_NAN,3,3)

  • Committed [r802]

    no longer calling awk to parse wc output (tracker entry no 1980041)

  • Committed [r806]

    after running aclocal, automake, autoconf

  • Committed [r805]

    determining ImageMagick flags using Magick++-config (tracker entry no 1963366)

  • Committed [r812]

    LOCATION keyword set correctly when HISTOGRAM called with NBINS and without BINSIZE or MAX, demo: print, histogram([1.,2.], n=3, l=l) & print, l

  • Committed [r813]

    binsize = (max - min) / (nbins - 1) when NBINS specified with neither MAX nor BINSIZE

  • Committed [r814]

    MAKE_ARRAY: keyword name changed from INT to INTEGER

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