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  • Committed [r2846]

    Diagnostics - Increase Diagnostics DeltaT test upper bound because the real DeltaT has just exceeded this value.

  • Committed [r2845]

    License - Add a statement on which open source license applies to the ASCOM platform.

  • Committed [r2842]

    Help - Update ASCOM error code descriptions to include COM error numbers so that these exceptions can be thrown as COM exceptions e.g. from a Delphi application.

  • Committed [r2841]

    Version number tidying to bring more items to level 6.3.

  • Committed [r2839]

    Help - Remove redundant bullet in Telescope.Dec...

  • Committed [r2838]

    Help - Update help text to clarify units for Te...

  • Committed [r2837]

    Help - Update sidereal tracking rate definition...

  • Committed [r2836]

    Help - Update RightAscensionRate and Declinatio...

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