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  • Committed [22e1cd]

    aufs-util 20170918

  • Committed [27e9e6]

    dirren, a new feature and its mount options

  • Committed [e6e29d]

    Merge branch 'aufs4.9' into aufs4.x-rcN

  • Posted a comment on ticket #7 on aufs

    o news - linux-v4.13 is released, so is aufs4.13. - this is the last release for aufs4.4..aufs4.8. now my development base is aufs4.9. o bugfix - fanotify deadlock, reported by Ariel Zelivansky. - aufs-util.git: libau: Define STRIP weakly, reported and fixed by Khem Raj. J. R. Okajima aufs4-linux.git#aufs4.4..aufs4.6 branch aufs: tiny, remove a few unnecessary 'if's for kfree() aufs: tiny, add a comment for the memory barrier aufs: tiny, convert kzalloc into kcalloc aufs: bugfix, fanotify aufs4-linux.git#aufs4.7..aufs4.8...

  • Committed [af5ba2]

    Merge branch 'aufs4.4' into aufs4.9

  • Committed [9702d4]

    aufs-util 20170911

  • Committed [093ada]

    base version aufs4.9

  • Committed [4f94d3]

    libau: Define STRIP weakly

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