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  • Posted a comment on ticket #28 on Nootka

    Hi again, I checked what I can do with that and first of all, please check new Nootka alpha version: There is less functionality yet, but all visible part is written from scratch with framework more suitable for mobile devices. This version may coexist with stable release. So if can confirm that SPen works there, it will determine my next steps.

  • Modified ticket #28 on Nootka

    SPen Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 4 doesn't work

  • Posted a comment on ticket #28 on Nootka

    Hi there, Thank You for reporting this. It is good to know someone is using Nootka with stylus. I had never such a tools in my hands, so I never tested Nootka with that but I thought it should work the same way like with fingers. I will try to figure out what is wrong, so be in touch please.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #27 on Nootka

    Thank You a lot for calling this bug and patiently testing a solution. Nootka really depends on users feedback. And of course, there is more for testing, but for two weeks (more-less). I'm going to release second alpha version (with rhythms support and many other changes) so it would be very helpful when You will express a few thoughts about it. So be in touch or send me a email - I will inform You when it will be ready for testing. P.S. So I'm closing this ticked and I will "ofically" release this...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #27 on Nootka

    Hi Xavier, Here is installer with the fix: Happy testing

  • Committed [2ccbcb]

    Audio output handles playingFinished signal emitted by audio object, so Tsound slot is invokde properly. Also in duplex mode (when in/out steams are not split), signal is emitted by callback.

  • Committed [cb9973]

    Fixed disabling pitch detection after asking a question as a played sound (paused listening had to be stopped before question was played, then properly handled 'playing finished' signal starts listening again)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #27 on Nootka

    I found a reason of that issue ( I hope without any regressions and side effects) so it will be great if You will test it too. I will prepare build tomorrow.

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