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  • Posted a comment on ticket #763 on gnuplot

    Here's a new Version 0.4 beta that does not stop at the first added line in the ChangeLog, but instead looks a little further for the first item in the addition block. An item has a star or colon in the line somewhere. The idea is to allow situations where the first addition might be a space or something similar while the author information is actually in the addition hunk a line or two later. Here are four cases that are corrected by this new version: commit <sfeam!2008-05-30T04:52:36+00:00Z> diff...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1603 on gnuplot

    The physical layout of the plot is correct, but the generation of the contours is the question. I can better illustrate the issue with contours by removing the borders. Try set border 0 set contour splot x why is there no initial contour at the y = -10 level? It seems there should be. It could be some math rounding error, e.g., it computes a level of -10.00000000001 which is out of range. It could be an indexing start issue. Will have to wait a few weeks on this one.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1603 on gnuplot

    I'm recalling this one. It seemed a really peculiar bug that came out of nowhere when there didn't appear to be previous issues. I'm guessing that contour levels utilize the tick-spacing code in some way, and I wonder if something was changed with tick marks in the past that influences the color selection. Note the missing contour level in example Ethan's example showing the underneath surface has the same property, contours start at -80 when perhaps...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1119 on gnuplot

    Here's what looks to be the relevant lines of code in the share/LaTeX/Makefile construct via configure: texdir = /usr/local/share/texmf/tex/latex/gnuplot install-texDATA: $(tex_DATA) @$(NORMAL_INSTALL) @list='$(tex_DATA)'; test -n "$(texdir)" || list=; \ if test -n "$$list"; then \ echo " $(MKDIR_P) '$(DESTDIR)$(texdir)'"; \ $(MKDIR_P) "$(DESTDIR)$(texdir)" || exit 1; \ fi; \ for p in $$list; do \ if test -f "$$p"; then d=; else d="$(srcdir)/"; fi; \ echo "$$d$$p"; \ done | $(am__base_list) | \ while...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #763 on gnuplot

    Another tiny modification, but I think it has no ramifications on the final list. Version 0.3 beta.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #763 on gnuplot

    I'm attaching a second version of the utility, version 0.2 beta. This version allows a second input file with a git-log containing the list of files that have changed. If provided, the utility will discard any entries in which ChangeLog was the only file that changed in the changeset. Example usage: git log --format='commit <%cE!%cIZ>' -p --unified=50 ChangeLog > CL.diff git log --format='commit <%cE!%cIZ>' --name-only > files.lst git_changelog_author CL.diff files.lst > author.txt

  • Posted a comment on ticket #763 on gnuplot

    It's been requested that the gitID be modified from the SHA to the following format: <committer-id!yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ> This can be done without a change in the code. Try the following sequence of commands instead: git log --format='commit <%cE!%cIZ>' -p --unified=50 ChangeLog > ChangeLog.diff git_changelog_author ChangeLog.diff > author.txt This seems to work nicely, distinguishing the commiter from the author.

  • Created ticket #763 on gnuplot

    C++ utility to aid in sorting out ChangeLog authorship for CVS-to-git repository conversion

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