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  • Created ticket #198 on HtmlCleaner

    Make XPath methods protected to allow extension

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    Hi Nur, Sounds sensible enough to me, I'll add this task to the next release.

  • Modified ticket #197 on HtmlCleaner

    Problems cleaning IFRAME

  • Posted a comment on ticket #197 on HtmlCleaner

    Hi Vincent! Good to hear from you, especially as its not our bug :)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #195 on HtmlCleaner

    Very cool tool Andrey!

  • Posted a comment on ticket #194 on HtmlCleaner

    Hi Thomas, Making the various character encoding and escaping options easier to use has been on the "to-do" list for some time as its not particular clear how you get the desired outcome. It basically depends on (1) the options for the cleaner and (2) what kind of serializer you are using. (This is important as special entities are very different between XML and HTML.) If you use the following settings: setAdvancedXmlEscape(true); setTranslateSpecialEntities(false); Then using your example, with...

  • Committed [r526]

    Improved the handling of undeclared namespace prefixes.

  • Committed [r525]

    Improved the MathML tag definition to ensure it isn't pushed outside of inline statements. See bug #193. Thanks to Dan for reporting this.

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