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  • Committed [00f3b7]

    [b4c] heartratevariability: remove dependancy on rms(),histo(), and center()

  • Committed [d3dde0]

    roc: Data index for various Threshold criteria is added to output in RES.THRESHOLD.max##ix - this is useful for displaying the selected Thresholds in the ROC

  • Committed [4ecea8]

    roc: replace sumskipnan in order to avoid dependency on the NaN-toolbox

  • Committed [1f015f]

    roc: display of ROC curve is controlled by additional input argument and not by a global variable

  • Committed [a5a962]

    [b4c] fix configuring prefix with autoconf

  • Committed [04dcbd]

    [b4m] fix contact address and some whitespaces

  • Committed [0b3dd8]

    [b4m] Brainvision: make sure that HDR.EVENT.Desc is always generated

  • Committed [3abd96]

    [b4c] autoconf-ing of libm

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