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  • Created a blog post on Mundo The Game

    Mundo Medieval 3D MMORPG version 1.5 released!

  • Posted a comment on discussion Portuguese forum on Mundo The Game

    Temos orgulho em anunciar que a versão 1.4 foi liberada! Full change-log: Corrigido bug no login; Melhorado balanceamento de força de alguns chefes; Ajustes em algumas quests; Corrigido bug que permitia vender o mesmo item mais de uma vez; Corrigido bug que enviava múltiplas mensagens LOAD_COMPLETED e causava cópias fantasma dos outros players. Corrigido bug de não visualizar o equipamento dos outros jogadores; Corrigido bug de repetir a textura do player nos outros players; Corrigido bug no pulo...

  • Posted a comment on discussion English forum on Mundo The Game

    We are proud to announce that version 1.4 was released! Full change-log: Fixed bug at login; Improved strenght's balance of some bosses; Fixes in some quests; Fixed bug who allowed sell the same item more than one time; Fixed bug that sends multiple LOAD_COMPLETED messages and cause ghost copies of the player in the spawn point; Fixed bug of missing equipment of other players; Fixed bug of repeating textures on the players; Fixed jump bug under multiplayer; Fixed behaviour of the "other players"...

  • Committed [r2067]

    Added sloccount version 1.5.

  • Committed [r2066]

    Changing setup.bmp to 8-bit depth for better compatibility with Inno Setup.

  • Committed [r2065]

    Updating installer.

  • Committed [r2064]

    Version 1.5.

  • Committed [r2063]

    Fixed mistypes in portuguese translation.

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