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  • Committed [a4fe76]

    issue2550957: Duplicate emails (with patch).

  • Committed [20084e]

    Fix bug where unsetting a text value triggered an exception because

  • Committed [534b8b]

    Fix command in cut/paste section. Missing --user-access-control force.

  • Updated merge request #2 on Roundup Issue Tracker

    Implement HTML letters parsing with Beautiful Soup

  • Posted a comment on merge request #2 on Roundup Issue Tracker

    Igor, I merged/fixed your patch for Since this was not a direct merge and required editing and creation of tests etc I am marking it as rejected. Also in writing tests, a text/html part followed by a text/plain part resulted in duplicate text/html attachment. To fix this I changed: elif html_part_found: text/plain part found after html save html as attachment attachments.append(cpart.as_attachment()) to remove the second attachments call as the html file was attached in the code path that...

  • Committed [5b4931]

    Test entity code path in dehtml.

  • Committed [91354b]

    Codecov showed text/html followed by text/plain not tested. Fixed bug

  • Committed [e20f47]

    issue2550799: provide basic support for handling html only emails

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