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  • Committed [4efe03]

    aligner library updated, removed BST specific m...

  • Committed [78e5f6]

    Threshold fixed, added readme.

  • Committed [52a9ce]

    Added "newline=''" to correct newlines in CSV o...

  • Committed [7bd587]

    Corrected aligner reference, added,...

  • Committed [3411bb]

    Initial commit: aligncsv and aligner

  • Committed [3e5fb2]

    Fixed requirement for OutFile to be present.

  • Committed [c9886c]

    removed text_in.xml

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2012-09-11 14:17:55


  • Project Logo KNIC Concordances Syntactic concordances from TIGERSearch query results Last Updated:
  • Project Logo TXM Unicode-XML-TEI text/corpus analysis platform Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Tokenized Text Aligner Aligns tokens in two versions of a text with differing tokenization. Last Updated:


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