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  • Posted a comment on ticket #19 on qt5ct

    With "part of Qt" I mean part of a Qt submodule, ie, part of the source code of Qt...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #19 on qt5ct

    (1) I can do the asking in the mailing list and handle that, but you are the one...

  • Created ticket #19 on qt5ct

    Thoughts about making it part of Qt5 proper?

  • Modified ticket #3 on QAntenna

    QAntenna build requirements

  • Posted a comment on ticket #3 on QAntenna

    Yes, the latest upload was just to switch it to Qt5. From the Changelog included...

  • Committed [bd9601]

    Fix README file.

  • Committed [f774fe]

    Merge tag '0.3.0' into develop

  • Committed [a691ac]

    Add missing changelog entry and release 0.3.0.

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