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  • Committed [r3469]

    removing imaginary part from F calc for centrosymmetric groups + some refactoring and fixing bitmaps positioning

  • Committed [r3468]

    adding fcf conversion ability...

  • Committed [r3467]

    fixing the new CIF parser and ignoring empty loops with a warning

  • Committed [r3466]

    more import/export options for structure factors from/to FCF

  • Committed [r3465]

    excluding h atoms from the conn bonds restrictions

  • Committed [r3464]

    using the refinement reflection list for the ED map calculation - this is needed when masks are used in particular... resetting the reflection tags before editing - bug fix..

  • Committed [r3463]

    making a distinguishing between CI versions

  • Committed [r3462]

    from 1.2 + more on CIF - disentangling CifMerge

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