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  • Committed [c4b7a7]

    audit: don't needlessly reset valid wait time

  • Committed [eb8baf]

    audit: remove audit_backlog_wait_overflow

  • Committed [1194b9]

    audit: wake up threads if queue switched from l...

  • Committed [d865e5]

    audit: Delete unnecessary checks before two fun...

  • Committed [963687]

    audit: force seccomp event logging to honor the...

  • Committed [f48a94]

    audit: include auditd's threads in audit_log_st...

  • Committed [cb74ed]

    audit: always enable syscall auditing when supp...

  • Committed [b19736]

    selinux: Inode label revalidation performance fix

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2004-10-31 01:44:41


  • Project Logo Audit Test Project Test suite for Linux audit and related security functionality Last Updated:
  • Project Logo NetLabel Tools Configuration tools for the Linux NetLabel subsystem Last Updated:
  • Project Logo Seccomp Library High level interface to the Linux Kernel's seccomp filter Last Updated:


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