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  • Committed [r199]

    Renamed files to not clash with standard headers (opencl.h,...).

  • Committed [r198]

    Bindless texture test.

  • Committed [r197]

    Added blank window support for x11, egl code now uses different file.

  • Committed [r196]

    Android fixes:

  • Committed [r195]

    Renamed Windows 10 names.

  • Committed [r194]

    Added Windows version detection code based on version of kernel32.dll (Windows itself through GetVersionEx() does not return Windows versions greater than Windows 8.0).

  • Committed [r193]

    Fixed graphics memory performace tests. Added textureRGBA32F fragment shader read test.

  • Committed [r192]

    Print OpenGL extensions. -i parameter introduce...

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2002-01-13 12:09:07


  • Cute Digger A port of Digger game Last Updated:
  • GPUEngine GPU-optimized library for scene graph processing and rendering Last Updated:
  • GPUEngine-deps Dependencies for GPUEngine Last Updated:
  • GPUEngine-test   Last Updated:
  • Inventor Tools   Last Updated:


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