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  • Committed [r358]

    I2S: Adapted the interrupt routines to the latest changes of hiperspi.

  • Committed [r357]

    Extended the hiperspi module to support channels that run in serial interrupt mode, instead of DMA mode.

  • Committed [r356]

    DMA: made the interrupt handling routine faster by replaceing C with assembler.

  • Committed [r355]

    Added the SYSMIC module and its ics43434 implementation.

  • Committed [r354]

    MyAirCoach: LEDs may now be driven inverted.

  • Committed [r353]

    Added I2S module.

  • Committed [r352]

    hiperspi: Added more granular functions SetBuffer, Arm and Trigger as well as Abort.

  • Committed [r351]

    DMA module: Added documentation and fixed some "const" issue.

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