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  • Committed [r8779]

    add several options for printing

  • Committed [r8776]

    removing local files from the recent menu when they are deleted did not work, because the label does not have the complete uri with file:// but only the local path

  • Committed [r8775]

    fix css was formatted in locale, but needs to be formatted in C

  • Committed [r8774]

    fixes csstidy bug

  • Committed [r8773]

    make the initial scrolling for split viedw more logical

  • Committed [r8772]

    defensive coding for spacingtoclick, might fix

  • Committed [r8771]

    markup search results in outputbox with bold, following suggestion from

  • Committed [r8770]

    fix bug where mouse spacingtoclick and keyboard spacingtoclick interfered with each other

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