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  • Created ticket #279 on Mobile Atlas Creator

    Release MOBAC as Android app

  • Committed [a6d7e8]

    Added tag fix_debian_866716_2 for changeset 3d7e13063c52

  • Committed [3d7e13]

    Fix Debian bug #866716: limit identifiers to pure ascii chars because it can fails with latin1 chars too.

  • Committed [9face8]

    Fix Debian bug #866716: encode XML identifiers to have valid latex labels.

  • Committed [904731]

    Fix debian bug #863527: remove active char for babel pt.

  • Committed [c59e45]

    Added tag fix_debian_866716 for changeset 9face834e46b

  • Committed [5702b4]

    Fix bug #104 (also Debian bug #862332): apply the Raphael Hertzog patch.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #114 on DocBook to LaTeX Publishing

    Yes, you're right! I've reverted the XSL file and applied your patch. I guess Andreas can package a debian release with this.

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