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    I have tested and it works Firebird 3.0.2 ubuntu 17.10 wx 30 flamerobin from git Executing statement... Statement executed (elapsed time: 0.186s). 413 fetches, 51 marks, 23 reads, 0 writes. 8 inserts, 2 updates, 0 deletes, 91 index, 0 seq. Delta memory: 623456 bytes. RDB$FIELDS: 2 inserts. RDB$USER_PRIVILEGES: 3 inserts. RDB$PROCEDURES: 1 inserts. 2 updates. RDB$PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS: 2 inserts. Total execution time: 0.242s Script execution finished.

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    Hello any news with gmarathon ? I would like to try it with a new version of delphi also could you push your changes to cvs

  • Modified ticket #277 on FlameRobin

    Reference URL to online license is incorrect.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #277 on FlameRobin

    fixed thanks

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    VOTE: Lazarus

  • Modified ticket #269 on FlameRobin

    Long procedure or function hangs flamerobin

  • Posted a comment on ticket #269 on FlameRobin

    I also tested with flamerobin from git and firebird 3.0.x on ubuntu 17.04 wx 3.0

  • Modified ticket #276 on FlameRobin

    libwx problem on Ubuntu 16-10

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2000-10-04 04:47:25
Targu Mures / Romania / EET


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