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  • Committed [r63564]

    [FIX] Page with many PluginSheet calls now respects their own uses of parameter 'simple=y/n'

  • Committed [r63444]

    [ENH] Extract text contents from PDF file for search indexing using native handler based on PdfToText.

  • Committed [r63440]

    christian-vigh-phpclasses/PdfToText library in Satis, to have pure PHP PDF text extrator for search indexing

  • Committed [r63247]

    [FIX] Error when trying to add a spreadsheet from a wiki page

  • Committed [r63240]

    [FIX] Perms::simpleFilter was being called with wrong parameter type. Page removal (and probably other actions) was breaking in AdoDB, while PDO is tolerant with wrong parameter.

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2003-02-13 20:12:11


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