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  • Committed [873d82]

    changed element2value function for float/ints e...

  • Committed [71ae94]

    minor fix to dicomdict.cpp to get it to compile...

  • Committed [c36834]

    fixed last-minute (wrong) edit in dicominfo.cpp.

  • Committed [f4b371]

    fix to dicominfo such that we no longer skip se...

  • Committed [8f0f40]

    handle case where the VR of a field is not set ...

  • Committed [a6f4b3]

    transpose image to be compatible with matlab. T...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1374 on SWIG

    apologies that this bug report has no title. I hadn't spotted the relevant box and...

  • Created ticket #1375 on SWIG

    $parentclassname fails to compile for templates

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