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  • Committed [r13731]

    GCC 7 fix: use const char* instead of char*

  • Committed [r13730]

    GCC 7 fix: cannot return a char, must use char*

  • Committed [r13729]

    Fix member access through pointer (GCC7 fix)

  • Posted a comment on ticket #684 on Vega Strike

    Well, ECM is supposed to irritate the enemy. I guess we could try to make it less...

  • Modified ticket #660 on Vega Strike

    Text Wrapping in Ship Equipment Descriptions

  • Committed [r13728]

    Remove useless import

  • Committed [r13727]

    Fix rlaan-cockpit normals, add indirect glow

  • Committed [r13726]

    Fix light_cockpit normals, improve indirect glow

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