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  • Modified ticket #4061 on jEdit

    Project Viewer inconsistency

  • Modified ticket #135 on jEdit

    Word completion on all open files

  • Posted a comment on ticket #135 on jEdit

    There is an option in Global Options > Text Area to search in all open buffers. See http://jedit.org/users-guide/words.html Sorting suggestions should be reopened as a separate ticket

  • Posted a comment on ticket #1171 on jEdit

    Indeed. Thanks Skeeve, Roman for looking into this!

  • Modified ticket #1171 on jEdit

    XML split tag

  • Modified ticket #533 on jEdit

    Create a new file from selection

  • Posted a comment on ticket #533 on jEdit

    I don't think it should be in core. Closing now. It was pending waiting for a response from Victor.

  • Modified ticket #1889 on jEdit

    HelpServer: should show index.html for URLs ending in /

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