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    Hi, I'd suggest you try with other installation methods as netinstall is a bit broken...

  • Committed [r3601]

    Fixing a typo from applying patch.

  • Committed [r3600]

    DBus in most cases requres pthreads library, es...

  • Committed [r3599]

    Allow ede-startup.conf values to be overwritten...

  • Committed [r3598]

    Inlining exported functions does not work on gc...

  • Committed [r3597]

    Applying patches from Michael to fix openbsd bu...

  • Committed [r3596]

    Seeting sensitive vars in FontChooser to NULL.

  • Posted a comment on discussion EDE on EDE

    Ah, edelib didn't compiled properly; precisely, scheme interpreter failed. What gcc...

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