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  • Committed [r1040]

    orkaudio : In some cases we are receiving Skinny CallInfo messages which local and remote party fields are the same and it is overriding valid remoteparty information that we already have, we are ignoring such CallInfo messages with this patch

  • Committed [r1039]

    Added Ubuntu build support via Autotools

  • Committed [r1034]

    orkaudio: added option to discard unidirectional calls

  • Committed [r1031]

    orkbasecxx: changed the live TapeMsg parameter default to true

  • Committed [r1030]

    orkbasecxx: Fixed live TapeMsg parameter returning always false

  • Committed [r1029]

    orkaudio, voip: added SipLocalPartyFieldName for extracting localparty information from custom fields in SIP header

  • Committed [r1025]

    orkbasecxx: integrated audioOutputPath into AudioTape (default AudioOutputPathMcf) changed during BatchProcessing to AudioOutputPath

  • Committed [r1024]

    orkaudio: added AudioOutputPathMcf config parameter to specify separate base path for mcf files

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