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  • Committed [r580]

    a class of a rdfs:subClassOf of itself ( to trigger view processing ) , in ametys_content-type2owl_embedded.n3 - for ONISEP

  • Committed [r579]

    ametys_view2owl.n3 : remove useless data in rule base

  • Committed [r578]

    ametys_view2owl.n3 : properties are now searched in inherited classes

  • Committed [r577]

    Remove all e:trace in Ametys stuff

  • Committed [r576]

    ametys_view2owl.n3 : better label with embedding class for views - for ONISEP

  • Committed [r575]

    Ametys: take into account also the cms: metadata-ref directly child of a cms:fieldset

  • Committed [r574]

    move triples in ametys_view2owl.n3

  • Committed [r573]

    WIP: Take into account the cms:metadata-ref directly in a cms: fieldset

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