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  • Committed [r53]

    MODIFIED: - modified blast+ calls to have new minimum wordsize of 2, based on blast+ constraints; numerous changes to regexes for parsing blast+ output

  • Committed [r52]

    MODIFIED: README.txt - removed references to removed modules, added reference to Config::IniFiles

  • Committed [r51]

    database updates

  • Committed [r50]

    MODIFIED: numerous changes to allow transition from blast to blast+

  • Committed [r164]

    MODIFIED: - touched up pod in help documentation for clarity/formatting

  • Committed [r163]

    MODIFIED: - changed name...

  • Committed [r47]

    Converted fastacmd calls to blast+ blastdbcmd

  • Committed [r46]

    Migration of formatdb calls to blast+ makeblast...

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