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  • Committed [r48]

    Updated new features for 0.18 in the README

  • Committed [r47]

    Fixed wrongful bumps of 0.17 to 0.18 in README

  • Committed [r46]

    Bumped the documented version to 0.18

  • Committed [r45]

    Cleaned up "-2" exit code values to use proper ...

  • Committed [r44]

    Added getUNAME() for proper portable username o...

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2003-09-17 03:05:30


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  • Project Logo vboxsvc - VirtualBox SMF service wrapper SMF service wrapper for VirtualBox under Solaris 10+ and OpenSolaris. Last Updated:
  • Project Logo zonesvc SMF service wrapper for local zones under Solaris 10+ and OpenSolaris Last Updated:
  • Project Logo zpoolsvc SMF service wrapper for ZFS pools under Solaris 10+ and OpenSolaris Last Updated:


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