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  • Modified ticket #155 on Rootkit Hunter

    getting OSNAME out of /etc/issue

  • Posted a comment on ticket #155 on Rootkit Hunter

    This has now been fixed in the development version. The code will look for the /etc/devuan_version file. I have also included code which process the escape sequences found in the /etc/issue file. The devlopment version can be found by looking at the project page on sourceforge. Then select the 'Files' tab, and within there you will find a 'Development' sub-directory.

  • Created a blog post on Rootkit Hunter

    Rootkit hunter moved to Git

  • Committed [b9cd7c]

    Hash support for CentOS 4.4, Scientific Linux 4.3, and FC5 (x86_64) - data from support requests.

  • Committed [a80296]

    Typos, and updated README with prelinking problem procedure for Fedora.

  • Committed [2e0f74]

    SF support request 1568682 - versioncheck now compares current program version numerically to mirror version.

  • Committed [04dd53]

    New command-line and config file options. Log file is on by default, option to append to log. Second colour set added, also 'auto detect X'. Several minor changes.

  • Committed [77607d]

    ACKNOWLEDGMENTS file broken out of main rkhunter program

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