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  • Committed [10d16f]

    The sleep in the function to wait for the current VOBU end is interruptible

  • Committed [c0acf1]

    An EOS packet is sent by the FFMpeg decoder at the end of the stream so that the output processors could flush the output and wait for it to end

  • Committed [e47c07]

    The OMX output processor waits for the end of the playback properly when an EOS packet is received

  • Committed [f19568]

    Increased the maximal length of the title of a recording from 32 to 128

  • Committed [a30959]

    Reinstated the usage of the link wrapper script

  • Committed [5f1263]

    The acquired video surface is checked for validity

  • Committed [0ea54e]

    Extra data in debug printout

  • Committed [6ff3dd]

    Fixed the ordering of member initialization.

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