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    Prelim. attempt at tunneling through EffUI for updates to dynfilter subwindow

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    You could also optionally make an empty directory in a root to represent a new bank, and make symbolic links to the instrument files in any other bank (or any root, or really anywhere)-- it would be more efficient than copying them, and it also allows you to tweak their placement (number) by how you name the symlink. One nice thing is that any saved changes go right into the original instrument, and there's no remembering to copy anything back to the original bank. Of course you can always choose...

  • Posted a comment on ticket #15 on Yoshimi

    Just need to point something out-- Part isn't a name for channel ;) Any Part can listen to any channel and any number of Parts can listen to the same channel. So, channel is merely that-- while Part keeps all the local state which can change based on messages coming over whatever channel it's made to listen to. Copying isn't your only option-- bank select being spread over the whole synth instance is worked around as Will said, just by preceding every program change with the correct bank change....

  • Committed [fe1651]

    Make SUBsynth overtones work with legato mode

  • Committed [fc776c]

    add BuildOptionsThisCPU for -march=native so GC...

  • Committed [32c25d]

    commit, then push, in that order, and make it a...

  • Committed [f70bfc]

    Merge branch 'master' of

  • Committed [b46d4f]

    JACK latency callback not using wrong two or ig...

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