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  • Posted a comment on ticket #110 on DOSBox

    I'd honestly prefer qcow2 because of the snapshot function. If it was a efficient implementation, its copy on write properties would allow better efficiency when you need to copy the smaller snaphot to disk (in a larger copy-on-write filesystem). Assuming the backing image is never modified after you do a snapshot of course. Also, the obvious advantage of having a canonical backup.

  • Created ticket #121 on DOSBox

    Bring mount folder as cdrom to feature parity with disc image support

  • Created ticket #39 on squashfs - a compressed fs for Linux

    Make append function more useful

  • Created ticket #1597 on DeSmuME

    Desmume gtk port can't open roms in zip files

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6884 on ScummVM

    Grrr, never mind, i'd forgotten about the rest of the data files and just assumed...

  • Created ticket #6884 on ScummVM

    Return to Zork cd version crashes on start

  • Posted a comment on ticket #6883 on ScummVM

    On second thought no skin off my back if you don't want to support it. I can always...

  • Modified a comment on ticket #6883 on ScummVM

    I really think scummvm should parse cue files when it finds it instead for both dosbox...

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