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  • Committed [cea8ed]

    emulator: Add basic PHY command handling to LE only controller

  • Committed [953541]

    emulator: Enable LE power class and minimum channels feature

  • Committed [c2713b]

    monitor: Change decoding for channel selection algorithm event

  • Committed [fbf4a0]

    monitor: Fix parameter indentation for PHY commands

  • Committed [8d6646]

    emulator: Fix comments for event mask descriptions

  • Committed [14b046]

    tools: Add hw_variant for Intel Bluetooth 9160/9260

  • Committed [d2af5c]

    emulator: Add Bluetooth 5.0 defines to LE only controller

  • Committed [eb129a]

    monitor: Fix handling of Set Default PHY command complete event

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