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  • Committed [r3612]

    Branching and tagging of FreeDV 1.3 and codec2 0.8.

  • Committed [r3611]

    Updates to README and INSTALL documentation.

  • Committed [r3610]

    Draft conversion of Makefile to cmake. (Not working yet.)

  • Committed [r3607]

    Change default for speexdsp to look for a library and other build system tweaks for WIN32/MINGW environments.

  • Committed [r3596]

    Tweaks to portaudio static build for MinGW.

  • Committed [r3595]

    Other buildsystem updates for cross-compiling.

  • Committed [r3594]

    Attempt to fix portaudio building while cross-compiling.

  • Committed [r3566]

    Tweak freedv subversion logic to make sure SVN_REVISION is always defined.

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