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  • Committed [e8a582]

    position birdzoom rectangle more precisely

  • Committed [6f73aa]

    toggleRegions now returns visibility state

  • Committed [ec3c18]

    add class to scaler when defining zoom area; co...

  • Committed [56d69d]

    bird's eye: use existing HTML div; animation on...

  • Committed [cc8a97]

    always setup bird's eye when autoBirdDiv is set

  • Committed [bd55d6]

    again - fix for #38: Zoom Area shrinks when usi...

  • Committed [db95aa]

    setZoomArea and centerZoomArea should return th...

  • Committed [0d22e5]

    make measure tests work with button sprite

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2004-05-07 17:12:48


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